Sources of further information

For more about the Kinloch Players and general information about twentieth century fit-ups:-

Fit-up theatre

by Fern Bevan. An excellent in-depth study of fit-up in the UK.
ISBN 0 946796 64 5

‘Burke and Hare. The true story’.

by Hugh Douglas. This book discusses the theatrical representation of Burke and Hare. ISBN 0 7091 3777X

World’s Fair. Trade weekly newspaper. Dick Milton wrote occasional articles on fit-ups, which were published, in or around the 1950’s.  The publishers do not have archives available for that era, but the National Fairground Archive in Sheffield University may have information.

For a related theatrical subject by the author of this website see :-

“But – what do you do in the Winter?”

by Larry Parker. Edited by Douglas Muir. The story of pierrots, concert parties, summer shows, after dinner entertainment, early radio and the first experimental television programmes. Published by The Concert Artistes’ Association (020 7836 3172).  Email
ISBN 0 9529637 0 1

Dick’s Penny Books.  Try David Drummond, Pleasures of Past Times, 11, Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, London WC2n 4EZ.  Email

Contact Information

If you would like to know more about The Kinloch Players or have any information about them that you would like to share on this website please contact Larry Parker on or phone 01736 732290.