List of artistes

Betty Appleby
Avis Ashton
Jessie Ball
Beryl Beattie
Maud Camfield*
Clifford Cox
Jean Challener*
Wilma Dingwall
Toni Gilpin
Victor Grant
Edward Gray
Ian Hamilton
Trixie Jackson
Richard Jerrams
Effie Laing
Margaret Marshall
Audrey Maye
Dick Milton and Vera
Sheila Norris
Joyce Pennington
Marilyn Ramsay
Anthony Redmond
Jacquie St. Helier (Richardson)
Ruth Shaw
Kathleen Smith
Kathy Staff
Kenneth Alan Taylor
Jennifer Thorn
Gerald Turner
Veronica Twiddle
Mary Urquart
Leyland Vincent (aka Tom Carrigan)
May Warden
William White
Elliot Williams
lan Wilson
Jane Winters

( Note: This list maybe incomplete)

*Jean Challener and the author of this website, Larry Parker, married in 1948 and Jean worked in Rep as ‘Jean Parker’ for several years. They were divorced in 1952. She wasn’t a member of Equity, so the name was never ‘registered’.

*Maud Camfield was the mother of Mary Kinloch